Description Repairs and Inspections of all types of inflatables.

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Inflatable Play Inspection (PIPA  RPII )

To keep your inflatables at the necessary level of safety
a yearly inspection by an approved and competent inspector is very important.
Your customers will have more confidence in you as a hirer,
knowing you have given the proper care and attention to your equipment,

You can bring your equipment to us or alternatively we can provide an onsite inspection.

We are able to offer an RPII (Register of Play Inspectors International) or PIPA ( Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation) test, whereby inflatable play equipment is inspected and tested for compliance with the HSE guidelines as detailed in BS EN 14960:2013

The RPII test is exactly the same as a PIPA test except that with the RPII test you will be issued with a certificate, whereas the PIPA test gives you a PIPA tag, a certificate and entry on the national database.

Please contact me for a competitive quote on your testing requirements.
We provide two payment options : per castle or a day rate.

Pat Testing of one blower is included in the price of your yearly inspection

The law for operators When a company, organisation or individual makes available any equipment in return for payment they become subject to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This act places a duty of care on everyone involved in the transaction. This means that the operator, the operator's employees, the hirer, the hirer's employees and the owner or manager of the premises should do everything possible to ensure the safe use of the equipment.

In addition, Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) require that all work equipment, and that includes inflatable play, must be tested by a competent person regularly (usually once a year).

PIPA / RPII helps operators conform with the law by defining a 'competent person' as one who has passed a specialised examination and is registered with the RPII.

Inspection by a competent person, prior to first use and annually thereafter, provides fundamental confidence in the equipment itself.

PIPA / RPII is one of only two inspection schemes recognised by the HSE (the other is ADIPS)

Operators using other testing schemes or methods may be required to demonstrate how such procedures equal or better the accepted best practice. Testers with no formal qualifications, however well experienced, would probably not be able to satisfy a court of their competence.

BS EN 14960 The European standard for inflatable play equipment was re- published by the BSI in 2013.
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